Everything You Need To Know About Federal Income Tax Brackets 2011

Adding to the uncertainty is the topic of Federal Income Tax Brackets 2011. Many taxpayers make more than a few mistakes.Tax attorney Anthony Parent explains what the myths are, in addition to how to avoid frequent problems.

What is astonishing to a large amount Individuals to discover is that Federal Income Tax is less than one hundred years old. Congress was not given this power to tax income initially, but that didn't impede Congress from trying. Think about this meaning, the income tax took an Amendment, overruling the Constitution, for the federal income tax to be found to be legal. The income tax was promised by "progressives" to solve all social ills.

The two large claims: that the income tax would bring the so-called robber-barons down to size and be a boon for the welfare of the nation proved to seductive for the nation to resist. Even a hundred years ago, the national income tax was sold as a panacea to free the vast majority of the country from the tyranny of the few. And the only thing it cost the country was liberty.

Once Congress had the legal authority to assess an income Federal Income Tax Brackets 2011, rapidly the promised limited scope of the income tax was widened to drag down nearly everybody down. And during the Great Depression, Congress also assessed "employment" taxes, which aren't officially income taxes, but are based upon income.

So the IRS just does not get to go after "income" taxes. Congress also assesses "employment taxes" that are also dependent on income earnings.

The present tax bracket rates of 10, 15, 25, 28, 33, and 35% for individual taxpayers. Which Federal Income Tax Brackets 2011 rate a taxpayer falls in just does not rely on income, but also tax filing status. None of these tax brackets include the tax charge for employment taxes. This is an important omission.

Yet, these tax bracket rates will not be relevant to certain types on income. And as an additional bonus, the employment and self employment taxes referred to above aren't imposed either. Passive income, dividends and long-term capital gains all are taxed at a typically lower rates than the tax bracket rates.

Of course, these Federal Income Tax Brackets 2011 overlook the fact that many higher income wage earners, the Alternative Minimum Tax may apply. The taxes the AMT assessed may be larger than the regular tax brackets, so don't be fooled by the name. A lot of times there is nothing minimum about the AMT. And significantly so. Why? For the reason that although the rate is lesser, the IRS is taxing a larger base --- for instance, beneficial deductions similar to those for state and local taxes paid are not allowable.

In conclusion, Federal Income Tax Brackets 2011 has little bearing on what a taxpayer will ultimately be on the hook for. It is impossible to guess taxes due based on unadjusted income.

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